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Who is Annie Mac?

Behind the Scenes of Annie Mac Naturals

Born Annie McIntyre in Germany, I am now affectionately known as Annie Mac. With my father in the Foreign Service, I grew up in Germany, Belgium, then Washington, DC. In college, I earned Environmental Science and Biology degrees from the University of California, Santa Cruz and a masters degree in Science Education from the University of Virginia.

While married and living in Dillon, Colorado I had four sons, several of whom are active in the business. When our family moved east, I took a job teaching science in Bethesda, MD and bought a house as a winter ski retreat in Davis, WV. Before long I came to love all four seasons, and now live in Davis full-time.

I was inspired living during the counterculture movement of the 70’s and I have always been interested in natural healing and alternative lifestyles.

Annie Mac Naturals

I wanted reasonably priced, all natural body products to offer our Wild Ginger and Spice customers. Finding it difficult to source products that were truly all-natural, I set about to formulate and manufacture my own products; hence, Annie Mac Naturals was born.

In the beginning, my step-mother, Donna, was incredibly helpful, lending expertise from her Old Town Alexandria, Virginia store experience. My mother, Margaret, was a Registered Dietician and ahead of her time in terms of nutrition, yoga and alternative medicine–all of which apparently rubbed off on me. Unfortunately she passed away before the shop opened, but I know she would’ve loved what WGS has become and I feel her presence and influence in our many eclectic products.

Leaving teaching, I entered a new world. I had never worked retail in my life, having had mostly outdoor and teaching jobs. But my teaching background has proven invaluable in running the business, particularly Annie Mac Naturals. Fortunately, I love talking to people and especially love the staff who work here and who are very invested in our business – as I am invested in them. Our employees are family and we do a lot of bonding with tastings, parties and mini spa days.

I look forward to expanding the Annie Mac Naturals line and continuing the magic shopping experience of our storefront in Davis, WV. Come visit us! We’d love to see you.

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